Who is Values Based Living For, Anyway?

by | Apr 1, 2023 | Values Based Living | 0 comments

Values Based Living or VBL is for the special souls who are already designing lives that are outside the traditional templates. 

For those who can’t rely on defining life choices by “it’s how it’s done”. For having to create a life without mainstream movies, books and social media depicting what their version of success looks like.

Those who are vulnerable to external criticisms that amplify their internal uncertainty as a new life is invented. Those that have to defend life choices that don’t have a clear path to a picture-perfect version of success.

It’s for those that want to create a life full of purpose for themselves that isn’t a slave to society or family norms. 

It’s for those who want to create community and relationships that are not defined by what makes you different (tattooed millennial who loves anime), but by what we have in common that unites us as humans (love, peace, kindness). It’s for people that want to define themselves beyond superficial experiences and be able to participate in their fullest expressions of their unique lives. 

In short, VBL is for everyone that is willing to be brave enough to look into their own hearts to create full acceptance and develop a relationship with themselves and have the courage to express that uniqueness in their relationships, and life choices.  





VBL has an in person presence in Calgary, Nelson and Bonnyville.