External Conflict Workshops

Hands-On Training with The VBL Team


8 Hour Live Workshop

Helping groups and individuals move conversations from confusion and frustration to clarity and compassion. 

Participants will move into alignment with their values, understand the values of the people they work with, and use tangible tools and techniques to help everyone communicate effectively and in a values-based way.

No prior education or pre-requisites required.

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Deep Listening

It’s important to understand what is motivating your negotiation partner. This workshop teaches 6 tangible skills for listening deeply, both to yourself and to your negotiation partner. Some skills include how to address ‘victim mentality’, how to check assumptions, and how to ensure that the speaker feels heard. 


Assertive Communication 

When advocating for what you want to get from the negotiation, you need to have clear and strongly worded statements that include a rationale that you can share with your negotiation partner. In this workshop, you will learn about the ‘Assertive Communication Spectrum’ and practice crafting your own assertive value statements. 


De-Escalating Conflict 

In a negotiation, there can be some competing needs or outcomes between you and your negotiating partner. This workshop covers a number of challenging topics, including how to stay calm when triggered, recognizing and managing high conflict behavior, reframing negativity, and managing power dynamics.

All modules use values as a foundational tool to ground participants in meaningful reflection, and allow for integration of the training topics into the communication style of each participant. Each module will help participants get to know their values, understand the values of the people they are speaking to, and use this information to help them interact in a meaningful and effective way.




5 or more people


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