The Power of Choice

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Let’s talk about the POWER of choice. 

Every decision we make is an act of creation. Every choice we make is a power move. We are either moving power towards or away from ourselves. 

When we see choices as an act of power, we begin to consider our choices as a question of: How am I going to invest my life force? Am I going to move energy to me or away from me? 

The key of values based living is pulling your unconscious motivating values up and into your conscious mind, developing a friendship with them and purposely making decisions alongside them – to co-create your life along according to YOUR unique value set. 

Consider a past decision that you have made. You know at least one of your core values was activated in some way to make that decision, whether you know it or not. Select 1-2 of your core values and consider how the value was instigating the decision that was made: 

  • Was it a decision made to satisfy that value?

  • Was it a fear based decision of the value not being satisfied?

  • Was it a retaliation for that value being frustrated for so long?

  • Was it a lifelong longing to satisfy that value?

When we make decisions that are in integrity with our core values, the decisions feel powerful because they are actions that we take to make our truest wishes manifest in reality.  We are powerful when we live a life we value because we are living according to our personal motivation system. 

Every moment that we are out of integrity with our values, that energy adds up and can impact your energetic self and your wellbeing. 

As you take back the power from the external world that tells you what to wear, what car to drive, what age to marry, what job to pursue…your level of consciousness expands and from this higher perspective you are no longer able to see yourself as a victim. You are the architect of your life. And that is pretty powerful.

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